Porter Robinson: A Celebration of Two Life Changing Years


Porter Robinson: A Celebration of Two Life Changing Years

Each and every DJ, producer, artist and up & comer that we post about has a story. Some of them have had stories of connections, continuing in their ancestors footsteps of amazing musicians, while some broke out to make a difference. Today, I want to spotlight Porter Robinson, the 21 year old DJ/producer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina who broke out into the scene while the rest of his age group was busy studying for exams, writing papers and going to class. Sure, Chapel Hill is a sleepy southern town, but Porter began to change that when he instantly fell in love with the power of dance music. Quickly releasing his debut single “Say My Name,” Robinson began to get attention from the right people at the right time.

Sure timing is everything, but Porter himself didn’t want to just be that linear producer in dance music today. With the release of Language, Porter completely changed the game, incorporating a breathtaking piano line along with a inspirational synth lead. The instant success of Porter not only marked a new era in dance music, but paved the way for many newcomers in the game to instantly become recognized by the hidden talents they all possess.

So this morning I want to present a video Porter released just a a week ago, showcasing the past two years of his life, his first show, and the many memories to come for this young DJ/producer. Enjoy!

Back in October, I threw a free show in the same venue as my first show ever. Since it had limited capacity, I ran an Instagram contest to find out who my biggest fans were and those were the only people there. It was awesome, and Zedd hopped on too. It feels weird for me to be so nostalgic about something that happened only 10 months ago, but it was that amazing. Here’s a little video recap of what went down.

– Porter Robinson via YouTube

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