Phocust – Space Wonk EP [Out 9/13 on MA Music]


Phocust – Space Wonk EP [Out 9/13 on MA Music]

Phocust’s MA Music Release ‘Space Wonk’ EP Showcases Fun Themes Within

The two-track set, containing an instrumental and vocal, is putting Phocust more on the map. Signed to MA Music, Phocust lines up with unique talent, putting his latest top works all in one place. Dyatic and Nasty Purple, on ‘Space Wonk’ EP, blend their styles naturally, a major highlight of the experience.

Expressively shaped bass sounds test to fit a galactic-tinged atmosphere while large and powerful bass moments fill and layer throughout.

‘Space Wonk’ EP conveys an unmistakable style and quality bass audience members and current Phocust fans will be enthused about.