Phat Loud Drops a Phat New Track


Phat Loud Drops a Phat New Track

A new song from Phat Loud will leave you energetic and ready to party! An absolute banger of a track comes from Aural Sex Records, where they seem to never disappoint. The young label is responsible for bringing you Phat Loud’s new track Phat Beat. The track is perfect to get the crowd riled up and feeling sexy! Phat Loud has dropped bangers before like WTF!  And Right Back but provides fans with a bouncier and lighter vibe in this track. The young producer shows time and time again that he is very talented and has more than just one type of sound. The versatile artist continues to show what he is capable of with this new track.

Don’t be surprised to hear this song bumping in the club, as it can easily become a banger all across the EDM scene.

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