Passion Pit Delivers Emotional ‘Tremendous Sea of Love’ Performance at Oakland’s Fox Theater


Passion Pit Delivers Emotional ‘Tremendous Sea of Love’ Performance at Oakland’s Fox Theater

Michael Angelakos, the frontman better known by his group’s aptly named stage moniker Passion Pit, may display his emotions more genuinely than any artist touring today.

The indietronica band led by the 30-year-old Angelakos stopped at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 during the group’s first tour in over two years in promotion of the 2017 album Tremendous Sea of Love, and delivered a furious performance dripping with the kind of emotional intimacy fans have connected with through every project in the group’s catalog.




The multi-talented musician built his reputation on the bouncy synths, pulsing rhythms and trademark high-pitch vocals that brought Passion Pit to the forefront of the indie pop scene in 2009 with the breakout album Manners, including fan favorite tracks The ReelingLittle Secrets and Sleepyhead

Despite his self-publicized struggle with his own mental health conditions, which he often notes are exaggerated greatly due to the stresses of life as an artist stuck in the constant rotation between life in the studio and the road, Angelakos beamed with energy through every track.




Between belting vocal stints, Angelakos transitioned between performances at the piano to letting front row fans sing through his own microphone. He spent a good portion of the show standing atop his monitor speakers or piano stool.

Everything about Angelakos’ performance felt real; as if he belonged on the stage, and we were all destined to be there feeling whatever vibe he happened to be feeling at the time.




Finishing with the Gossamer hit single Take A Walk, Passion Pit closed down the show with a very appropriate group hug, beaming with smiles.

Artists like Angelakos make a major difference when it comes to combatting the social stigmas surrounding mental health, and the incredible human experience he communicates through his music and stage presence is infectious. Here’s to hoping his message spreads like a virus.


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Written By: Aaron Nelson,

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