PARTY FAVOR Starts Tuned Out Tour with a Bang


PARTY FAVOR Starts Tuned Out Tour with a Bang

PARTY FAVOR is notoriously known for producing high-energy trap beats, so fans can always expect to see a fun show. His tour opener in Eugene, Oregon absolutely did not disappoint. The Tuned Out Tour kicked off with guests Evergreen, Disco Lemonade, and SAY MY NAME, and it’s safe to say that these collective DJs turned the crowd into one of the rowdiest W.O.W. Hall has ever seen.

I arrived at W.O.W. Hall towards the end of Disco Lemonade’s set and he already had the crowd going hard. The small venue really lent itself to the intensity of the crowd, because it allowed the DJs to have a more intimate experience with concert-goers. When SAY MY NAME stepped on stage, he took full advantage of the setting and had us at his fingertips, allowing his music to send the crowd into a jumping, head-banging, and moshing frenzy. His set, a little longer than an hour, delivered heavy-hitting drops and hyper-trap beats from start to finish. He played his rendition of Propaganda by DJ Snake towards the end of his set and stayed true to the hyper theme of the night. It’s the kind of song that has a sort of windblown effect, where hearing it in the crowd makes you feel as though the sound is reaching you through the speakers, attempting to knock you over.

By midnight, we were amply warmed up for PARTY FAVOR and he delivered. The small W.O.W. Hall crowd was electric as PARTY FAVOR played his classics like Bap U and some remakes of songs by Dillon Francis and Bro Safari. His track WAWA, produced earlier this, is a super high-energy trap song that sounds like a fast sports car, accelerating with the buildup and exploding in all directions with the drop. Easily the most anticipated song of the night, PARTY FAVOR paused us as the song began to drop and thanked us for being as rowdy as his music. The only thing left to do was thank him back by giving WAWA the hype it deserves.

The tour’s opening night also came with a new song from PARTY FAVOR and Bad Royale, featuring Richie Loop, called BURY. With a new track and a killer tour opener, PARTY FAVOR’s Tuned Out Tour is sure to impress all the across the nation. If you go crazy for that hyper-trap vibe, this is not a show you’ll want to miss.


By Morgan Kaufer

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