ONE N ONLY Takes The Stress Out Of Festival Planning


ONE N ONLY Takes The Stress Out Of Festival Planning

Chances are if you are like me and my friends then planning for a festival can be incredibly stressful. Between figuring out what hotel you will be staying at, to who will be driving to and from the event, and even who is crashing on the pull out couch, the whole experience can become a nightmare and can even turn hostile; leaving broken friendships and candy in the wake of what was supposed to be an unforgettable weekend with your friends.

Luckily enough for us there is a stress free way to get to festivals thanks to Bay Area based company ONE N ONLY Festival Travel Service. The name pretty much says it all, providing all-encompassing travel packages to festivals. This means not only is your transportation to and from the event and hotel accommodations taken care of but they’ll even pick you up from any of their departing cities; San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, and Chico. And let’s just say the ride is nothing less than epic. Music, dancing, and festival goers just like yourself sharing an unforgettable experience together.




Where most other travel service companies would stop at that, ONE N ONLY continues to push the boundaries of a festival experience. Founded in 2012 by Karen Krochik, ONE N ONLY focuses on creating moments that become memories for life with people that would have otherwise never met, in hopes of creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

The underlying theme behind ONE N ONLY is community and connectivity and it shows as there festival reservations continue to increase.

This Halloween Daily Beat will spend the weekend with ONE N ONLY to bring you a full review of this epic experience of HARD Day of the Dead and Escape.

The next stop for ONE N ONLY is the 20th anniversary of Nocturnal Wonderland, and there are still spots available to experience this festival the ONE N ONLY way you should.



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