Nowadays Records – Fall Tape


Nowadays Records – Fall Tape

Nowadays Records has come to be one of France’s indie electronic scene’s strongest tastemakers in recent years. Turning me, and many others, on to some amazing acts such as Phazz, Everydayzz, and Douchka, these guy have a solid reputation for curating their country’s most entrancing tunes. Each season the group rallies its roster of artists to throw down on a new compilation. Their most recent edition, Volume 6, sports a number of gems that any electronic music fan can appreciate.

Douchka and Hi Levelz start things off strong with their chilled out electronic hip-hop joint, “This Mood.” A few of my other favorites off the collection include Haute’s vibing electro-RnB track “More,” La Fine Equipe & Hoosky’s groovy experimental trance piece “Freaks,” and Fakear’s etheric vocal samples and worldly production on “Burn It Down.” However, each artist brings something unique to the table, exploring new avenues in genre that delightfully deviate from the mainstream. If you’re in looking to dive into the indie side of electronic music, definitely check out these tracks.

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