Novele Brings Out Modern Punk With Their First Single “Rubies”


Novele Brings Out Modern Punk With Their First Single “Rubies”

Today, I bring you a fresh new track that is a change of pace from what you’re used to seeing here on DB. Get ready to expand your minds and push the boundaries of what you know about punk rock, because Novele is here, and they’re bringing a whole new original sound with them. Novele is a two piece band from Eastvale, California. With frontman Parker on bass and vocals and Kyle on drums, this modern punk duo is pushing the boundaries of genres with their emotionally gripping riffs, to their thrashy electronic production. From the stage to the studio, these inventive musicians will surely leave you feeling some type of way. They recently released their first single Rubies from their upcoming self titled album, and it is the ultimate combination of a beautifully constructed chord progression with a huge atmospheric sound behind it. Check out their page and grab a free download of Rubies today! Happy listening!

rubiesart copy

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