NINTH CHILD Brought the Feels to Basslantic City


NINTH CHILD Brought the Feels to Basslantic City

Talk about the perfect beginning to a perfect weekend… NINTH CHILD kicked off Basslantic City, the most anticipated Bassnectar event on the East Coast, with her sexy bass beats and passionate aura surrounding her. The emotion brought forth by listening to and especially by watching her during the opening set was the main appeal of her presence at Basslantic City. Self-described as a very emotional human being, the way NINTH CHILD conveyed her music, mixed with intoxicating body language, radiated throughout the crowd and made for one very moving experience. Songs off of her new Lovers EP like Virgo poured from the speakers connecting the crowd on a deeper level – taking fans on ride of bass, breakups and finding oneself.

The good vibes didn’t stop there. After playing a set she felt could identify more with people at the convention center, she spun at the official after party with beats she says were “out of her comfort zone.” One may have thought it would be hard to get people hyped an hour after a Bassnectar set, but NINTH CHILD commanded the audience to dance and got the couch-struck crowd out of their seats and onto the dance floor with steady, dark, rolling bass. Her vibe was deeper, darker, and sexier at this party.

All eyes are on NINTH CHILD as she continues to transport her followers to a land of magical, soul feeling music. She’s our Queen- with the crown to prove it.


Photos by Ashlyn Fulton Photography.

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