NINE LIVES Has Us “Falling” Head Over Heels


NINE LIVES Has Us “Falling” Head Over Heels

By now if you haven’t been exposed to NINE LIVES and the amount of perfection they bring to some of the most original and innovative artists today in forms of their own renditions then you truly are missing out. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then the remixes they’ve done are worth a million. Simply put, their latest rework is downright sexy. As with every other track they’ve approached, their remixes could stand alone as original productions. This time with Opia‘s “Falling”, NINE LIVES obtains perfection yet again. With the amount of emotion and energy that goes into each track is remarkable. Obviously not concerned about making “bangers” and “EDM”, it’s apparent that NINE LIVES strides itself in doing things differently and from the heart.


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