Nine Lives Continue to Tear It Up, Release Third Track


Nine Lives Continue to Tear It Up, Release Third Track

Nine Lives are on the right track so early in their careers. With heartfelt and touching remixes of Louis The Child‘s It’s Strange (ft. K.Flay) and Morten‘s PRMD release Beautiful Heartbeat, they have shown where their heart truly lies. By remixing these dance music’s latest gems, Nine Lives are getting released alongside Boombox Cartel and Avicii. Their style, approach and touch on each track poses something special. With each massive remix they put out, I can only imagine what an original production will sound like. If these are signs of things to come, I’d expect a sonic approach and the same earthy, feely, heart warming affect they have on their productions.

With vast potential and massive upside, the sky’s the limit and this is only the beginning for Nine Lives.

Their latest piece of work is a remix of Michl‘s debut, Kill Our Way To Heaven“. It passed a million spins on Soundcloud in just a span of three months. Michl originally detailed his generation’s relentless pursuit of happiness by killing our way to heaven at whatever cost. Nine Lives shows determination and an endless pursuit for perfection in starting up their careers. However instead of killing their way to heaven, they’re dancing their way there.

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