Nikhil Prakash – Noodle


Nikhil Prakash – Noodle

Nikhil Prakash is most definitely a rising star on the melodic/progressive trance scene with a host of releases on labels like Lange, Infrasonic, and Black Hole Recordings. I first heard about him after his absolutely huge remix of Kono’s ‘The Simple Things’ was played two weeks in a row on Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio Show.



His latest track, ‘Noodle’, comes in hot with a banging, techy-progressive bassline and pitch driven fills which give way to a euphoric guitar riff (that you’ll be humming to yourself all day).

Why name the track ‘Noodle’ you might ask? Nikhil delivers:

“It’s got a weird name because I am absolutely terrible at naming tracks. I actually didn’t even send it to the label (Elliptical Sun Recordings) for a week because I couldn’t think of a name for it. Finally, I named it after the take out I got for dinner. Hence the name ‘Noodle’.”



‘Noodle’ is featured on the ‘Elliptical Sun Music 01 Compilation’ out now and is set for its solo release on April 3rd.

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