Myles Reed is undoubtably a “Prodigy”


Myles Reed is undoubtably a “Prodigy”

Get ready for audible gold. This one is by Myles Reed and is entitled “Prodigy” for good reason, this kid is a prodigy. His word play and story telling makes me ecstatic for the future of music and his project. The track is fire and so addictive. Smash that play button and enjoy.

And here’s a bit of what he had to say about the record:
“This track is really about me disregarding all the doubt and hate I got from everybody with trying to carve out my space in the music scene. I had to stop caring about what people were going to think because I knew that was holding me back. I recorded this in San Jose after I got back from Mexico City with Johnny Hitz (studio owner, track mix & master engineer), who’s known to record a lot of the big Bay Area rappers.”