Mind Cntrl – Lawbreaker EP [Uprise Music]


Mind Cntrl – Lawbreaker EP [Uprise Music]

Uprise Music delivers another solid set of tracks with the latest Lawbreaker EP from the Milwaukee based Mind Cntrl.

So far we’ve came to expect only the best in forward thinking electronic music from Mind Cntrl. His style of old school underground reminiscing bass house is what really sparked our attention in the first place and continues to do so throughout this release.

The title track plays with an Egyptian/Middle Eastern sounding mode with a percussive plucky instrument and strumming guitars. The scene is really a curve ball from what we would expect but nonetheless holds our attention. The quick bar before the drop of every song has some dialogue with the most interesting short decaying reverb. Something about this subtle detail really glues the tracks together as an element of consistency. It adds to the underground ghetto feel of it all and is a sort of backlash to most of the overproduced vocal phrases we hear throughout EDM. Other tracks like ‘Street Flow’ hit us with straight G-House vibes keeping with the jackin’ attitude whereas ‘4 AM’ and ‘Get It’ circle around a more glistening future-euro vibe.

Overall we’re getting the same amount of energy and intensity that we’ve came to expect from both Mind Cntrl and Uprise Music but specifically the tracks on Lawbreaker have a unique consistency and execution that makes it an extremely solid release for fans of this hybrid genre.

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