Mila Music Mondays: Week 2


Mila Music Mondays: Week 2

Hey guys, here we are with week two of Mila Music Mondays! I’ve gone through a lot of music this week and it was hard to pick just five of the best. This week there’s everything from the latest mashup from Trademark to a summer-esque remix of Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue.” Here we go….


1. “Still Believe (Avicii X Tritonal X Martin Garrix X Feri & Multi)” – Trademark

A couple years back, I opened up for Trademark in DC. And I gotta say that Tyler is one of the coolest guys that I’ve ever met in the business. Aside from that, this mashup BANGS. To date, this is the first mashup I’ve heard with both Avicii’s latest track, “Hey Brother” and/or Tritional’s track “Now or Never.” It goes without saying that this one is to get your frat parties crackin’.


2. “We Are Electric [Fool’s Gold]” – Funkin Matt

So this song isn’t brand new, but I recently heard it for the first time and it’s awesome. This guy isn’t known all that well, but this is an addicting track. There isn’t much more I can say other than listen to it!


3. “Counting Stars (Vaux & Rivera Remix)” – OneRepublic

Vaux & Rivera.You may recognize Vaux’s name from the comedy post about a week ago featuring Steve Aoki. I’ve been following these guys since day one. And day one wasn’t too long ago… These two haven’t been around for even a year and they’re rocking the EDM world with their amazing music. One Republic had an amazing song to begin with, and Vaux & Rivera only made it better…


4. “Bring Da Funk Back (Original Mix)” – Milk N Cookies

Milk N Cookies did a remix of Animals (just like everyone and their mother), and it hit 700k plus plays on Soundcloud. Since then, these guys have been in the spotlight big time. They recently dropped this track which can only be considered a funk-house track that is pleasant for any pair of ears on the dance floor.


5. “Ocean Avenue (Kasum Remix)” – Yellowcard

Holy crap. It’s not even close to summer here in Maryland — currently 24 degrees as I type this — and I think I just found myself at a beach ten years ago screaming this song for roughly three and a half minutes. Kasum took a classic and put a new-age EDM twist on it. This is a must listen.

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