Mikey Lion Drops a Guest Mix For the Ages


Mikey Lion Drops a Guest Mix For the Ages

From a humble 200 person desert gathering four years ago, Mikey Lion has made a name for not only himself but for Desert Hearts in the ever expanding transformational festival and tech house scenes. All these years later he has seen Desert Hearts turn their fest into a “must go” in the festival world. The growth of the Desert Hearts brand has led to the introduction the Desert Hearts Record Label and City Hearts, which is currently on its “The Endless Summer Tour”.

Somehow during all of this he had the time to lay down one of the smoothest Tech House guest mixes I’ve ever heard. Simplicity is the name of the game in this guest mix for Claude VonStroke’s Birdhouse Radio, and Mikey masters this perfectly. From the infectious beat right of the get go this mix pulls you in and throws you through the wonders of tech house. With the kick snare house beat as the backbone of the mix Mikey explores a range of other genres of music, floating them on top of the beat, for a truly dynamic mix any lover of house music owes it to themselves to check out.

You can catch this mix along with many others on Mikey Lion’s Soundcloud

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