Miami Music Week Pushes Nitepunk to the Top


Miami Music Week Pushes Nitepunk to the Top

A rare phenomenon happened at Miami Music Week and Ultra last week, and if you were there, you undoubtedly heard it. Both Peekaboo, and Pixel Terror among many others, played Nitepunk’s heavy hitting remix of Fabrication by Emalkay. The track has blasted to #5 on Beatport making it the song of the spring. The young producer added heavy wobbles to the 2011 banger and gave it depth, vocals and new intricate drum rhythms that make this song shine.

We caught up with Nitepunk and asked him what it was like when his song hit #5. “It was really weird and happy feeling, growing up I’d only see like super established artists there, wondering how did they even got on Beatport and now seeing myself in top 5 with such an honorable remix was pretty crazy. Just thinking that so many people went ahead and bought the track was so cool and thanks to everyone who did. I also received the best gift from Mr. Emalkay because of that.”

Watching this artist quickly rise to the top of the charts has been nothing short of impressive. He arrived in NYC as an immigrant in 2015 and already has come so far. Nitepunk grew up in the country of Georgia where 90 ’s pop and underground music profoundly influenced him. His influences include Prodigy, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Timbaland, and DJ Shadow. He says, “there was something “cool” about all these bands and musicians that would catch my most attention, that definitely morphed my musical fantasy.” To stay relevant, Nitepunk is aware of musical vibes that are trending but stays true to his own sound and vision. He believes that every artist has a unique secret source of inspiration.

This year look for more collaborations being released on Nightenjin, Disciple among others with top EDM artists and an upcoming music video as well! He just released his latest mix on Lizzy Jane’s radio station The XO and his next shows are on April 23rd in LA and May 3rd in CT with GLD. Check out the remix of Fabrication below!

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