Win a meet and greet with Kill Paris at H<3art Beats


Win a meet and greet with Kill Paris at H<3art Beats

H<3art Beats has done it again and will be showcasing Kill Paris for their next installment in Brooklyn. H<3art Beats shows are immersive and combine music, art, and dance. You can expect to see incredible stage design and mapping along with the gorgeous bass ballerinas! This show is especially heartwarming and romantic because support will be by Craz and his brilliant girlfriend is putting together a special stage mapping display just for him. Further support will be from DiceMan of Dub Day and Jynxx coming all the way from LA!

Kill Paris wanted to give something extra special back to his fans and has set up a meet and greet opportunity for the chance to meet him and DRUM ROLL PLEASE …….play a game of Mario Kart with him!! Look for the social media contest on the Daily Beat FB page!! Winner will get a ticket to the H<3art Beats with a plus one, two passes to meet with Kill Paris 15 min before his set and play a round of Mario Kart!


To get your ticket to H<3art Beats with Kill Paris click here!


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