Masteria – Rude Boy [Do Not Duplicate Recordings]


Masteria – Rude Boy [Do Not Duplicate Recordings]

With his latest release ‘Rude Boy’ on Bijou’s Do Not Duplicate Recordings, rising house star Masteria has proved once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Masteria describes his own music as “a combination of heavy bass lines” with “heavy leads and effects”. In his new track he has delivered, ‘Rude Boy’ is that sweet blend of heavy bass lines, deep sound design, and punchy effects that come together and generate that hard-to-achieve feeling of bouncing energy and swaggered attitude we all want from a good ghetto house track.

Reviewed by Jenn Marr

Not only does his mixing of the track create dynamic space between the elements, his incorporation of a deep growly vocal and middle-eastern-chord style flute that are heard throughout the song act as a uniquely melodic chant that captivates the ear. A hallmark of ghetto house has always been its promise of providing that gangster attitude of hip-hop without having to sacrifice the high energy of a four-four time stamp, and ‘Rude Boy’ is Masteria’s announcement that he is a true master(ia) of his craft. Having charted #1 on Beatport last month and with two EP releases on Tchami’s Confession label already under his belt, Masteria is continuing his tradition of exceeding expectations with this latest single.


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