Mass Manipulation ~ Rezz’s album & world tour


Mass Manipulation ~ Rezz’s album & world tour

I’m not quite sure what it is, but this time of year is jam packed with really good shows. Each weekend closer to the holidays has better and better options of how to spend your time. That’s exactly what this happens to be about. This weekend on Saturday the 16th at the Playstation Theater in NYC, we have Rezz making a stop for her Mass Manipulation World Tour. This is the show to see this weekend. Grab your tickets here.

Listening to the album is akin to jumping down a dark rabbit hole. Each of the tracks evokes its own unique feeling within the listener. Haven’t heard it yet? Head over to her Soundcloud and give it a listen. And while you’re there, check out her new track with Isqa called PsychoI’m pretty excited to see her live set up for her show up here in the Big Apple. Haven’t seen her yet? Good news, there is just over a dozen stops remaining on the tour.

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