The Martin Garrix Cookie-Cutter Method


The Martin Garrix Cookie-Cutter Method

Greetings y’all, ya boi is back, and I brought with me probably the only Martin Garrix song I’ll go so far as to say I “really, really like” (no disrespect to those who do, but some of my earlier posts are a better indication of what I dig in my spare time).  Soundcloud producer / visual artist Ziyenni took five of Garrix’s biggest tunes and mashed them together, commenting

Ziyenni – “other than some minor edits to song structure and -one- pitchshifted song these all fit perfectly together…no timestretching whatsoever in here…”.

The irony here is that I honestly think that this insane clusterfu*k of songs by, in my opinion, a mediocre artist, is infinitely better than any of his individual songs, not to mention the overwhelmingly hilarious point that this Soundcloud producer is making by showing us how much of a cookie-cutter format popular electronic music has been taking over the past several years.

Whether you jam to the revival funk and garage inspired tunes of Disclosure, the grimey drops and basslines of Bassnectar, or prefer some new sub-sub-genre that’s just emerging with a slew of interesting and compelling producers, I think that we all can take this hilarious and catchy song as a reminder that the commodification and commercialization of music and art is something to be careful of.  There will always be need for popular and more mainstream music in every genre, but it’s important to not make the same thing twice.

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