Mark The Beast Drops Gnarly New EP


Mark The Beast Drops Gnarly New EP

Yesterday SubHuman’s very own Mark The Beast dropped his first EP Armageddon It and its raw af! Over the past few months, The Beast has been busy creating remixes and working on collabs with the likes of Dieselboy, Downlink and Excision – to name a few. If you haven’t had the chance to check out some of his latest work I highly recommend it, especially Carcosa, which coincidentally aided in me spilling my coffee this morning – it’s that good! Armageddon It comes loaded with 4 tracks. The Beast does a great job of meshing trap and metal to give each song that extra “OOPMH” we’re looking for.

For those of you who have Spotify, you can find the whole EP on there. While you’re at it, go check out Axonic too with Uplink Audio. Their new EP Millitant was fire, especially their new track with Downlink and Terravita “Millitant.” Below you’ll find the track listing for Armageddon It.  if you’re looking to spill your coffee as well, first listen to “The Number 6” and follow it up with “Fire.” I guarantee that your car will be sticky by the end of the compilation. That sounded kinda weird didn’t it?  

Armageddon It Track List:

  1. The Number 6 (feat SIIMBA LIIVES LONG)
  2. Handclap
  3. It’s Gonna Blow
  4. Fire

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