If you’re looking for a new EP that will make you want to dance, but also perhaps rob a bank, look no farther, because the notorious Malaa released a new EP, titled ILLICIT. Malaa, the John Doe of house music, has always produced music as deep, if not deeper than, the Marina Trench. This new EP explores Malaa’s classic sounds with new and exciting accents.

The EP opens up with Illicit Intro, a monologue done by Malaa, in which he prepares you for the thrilling musical endeavor that you’re about to embark on. You are then smoothly brought into Diamonds, a filthy house beat that will send you into a dark trance. The sound transitions to a more upbeat tune, Frequency 75, that contains Malaa’s prominent bassline along with a few unconventional percussions, both of which come together to form a kooky and unique track. Danger, the last song, concludes the hard-hitting EP with an anomalous beat and heavy wubs. ILLICIT is an impressive but completely expected piece of work from Malaa. As Malaa said himself: This is the sh*t we live for! House music!

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Written By: Dominika Wilczek

#Electronic #EP #House