Malaa Is Coming To Los Angeles


Malaa Is Coming To Los Angeles

Who is Malaa?

The artist surfaced in 2015 as the unidentified masked house producer reigning from the talented and star-studded collective, Pardon My French. Since getting his debut single, “Pregnant” hosted by Fool’s Gold Records, Malaa has continued to bless us with amazing music and has simply been on a roll. In 2016 and 2017 Malaa released numerous singles and EPs which ultimately led to his collaboration with Tchami on “Prophecy” as well as working with countless other big names in the electronic music industry.

This year Malaa and Tchami went on their No Redemption Tour which was just as heavy and amazing as one would expect. The tour featured exclusive remixes which were a very unique and special feature that the two artists wanted to give their fans. Now we get to see Malaa bring that same energy and style to Exchange LA where he will be performing on June 29th! This is one you won’t want to miss, there is no doubt about that.


Get your tickets here and be ready to put your ski masks on.

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