Magnetic New Artist Lizzy Jane on the Rise


Magnetic New Artist Lizzy Jane on the Rise

Bursting into the bass scene is rising star Lizzy Jane who produces hard-hitting dubstep and free form bass music. Influenced by her home state of Florida, Lizzy found her unique sound while surrounded by Miami House and Tampa bass. When she walks onto the stage, she feels the need to be prepared and ready to connect with her audience. And so far, it’s working. She’s been blowing audiences away since her first festival booking at Asteria Arts and Music Festival, to Insomniac’s Electric Forest. She’s making big waves and is picking up a lot of fans in her wake. Lizzy will be announcing her upcoming festival bookings shortly and will be releasing her first song on a major label this May.

As new as she is Lizzy doesn’t shy away from showing her journey, releasing her first song after some trepidation. “My first release was a remix of my good friend Swarm’s song ‘Nothing.’ I hadn’t been producing long and really asked myself, “Would you rather have your fans and consumers of this type of music watch you grow or never knew you existed in the first place?” So I released that tune and from there on out I’ve released one to two a month, mostly originals and a few other remixes.”

Before she was turning nobs for crowds across the US, Lizzy was raving, studying, and touring with an alternative post-hardcore band from her freshman to senior year of high school. She traveled from Florida to Canada writing and performing all of the band’s songs along the way. When it comes to good music, Lizzy has her ear on the best of bass music. She is currently listening to CharlesTheFirst – The Reach EP, Dion Timmer – Very Extra Double EP, and EazyBaked – Alone With Yourself EP.

Love is an essential concept to Lizzy, and she has a weekly mix series call The XO that showcases artists promoting their up and coming music. She notes, “This industry, as cutthroat as it is, needs more compassion and love. I’ve met some of my best friends through music and creating music, and I couldn’t imagine where I would be if we didn’t love and support each other. Whether it’s looking out for someone at a show that looks like their in trouble or needs help to carry the practice of self-love and love towards others in your day to day activity, that is what Lizzy Jane is all about.” We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Lizzy Jane! You can listen to her latest releases on her SoundCloud below.

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