Madnap Drops Indie Pop Single “Slow Down” on Thrive Music


Madnap Drops Indie Pop Single “Slow Down” on Thrive Music

LA Based Chicago native Madnap is back in 2019 with the release of his newest single “Slow Down” ft. Pauline Herr out today on Thrive Music. The producer, who on top of his own releases has official remix credits for artists such as Win and Woo, Pegboard Nerds and Robotaki, comes back to the fold with a more pop-orientated sound. It’s a change of pace for the young artist, but drawing from influences ranging from Kanye West all the way to Cashmere Cat, he pulls it off in spades.


Instrumentally the track is a mixture a classic Rhodes Piano, what seems to be a distorted Chinese Zither, a beat to keep it flowing and sub bass that will give your insides a good rumble. The zither in particular sticks out as being something different, and its melody simultaneously manages to catch you off guard and get stuck in your head. The transitions between sections are all nicely done and the tracks 3 and a half minute runtime means that you are never left twiddling your thumbs.

The song is tied together with honeyed vocals from Pauline Herr, effortlessly delivered with real emotional conviction. Lyrically the song is simple enough to be straight forward and yet has some really nice turns of phrase. The chorus is kept simple, which will no doubt have thousands of punters singing “We slow down, we slow down, we slow down” all summer long.

Listen to “Slow Down” on your preferred streaming service here:

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