Madeon Unveils New Sound At UPenn Halloween Mega Party


Madeon Unveils New Sound At UPenn Halloween Mega Party

You think you had fun on Halloween? Try an underground party in a giant armory with Madeon and 3,000 of your best friends. Believe it or not, it was Upenn fraternities who hosted the French superstar DJ for his first unofficial tour stop, where he tested his performance and played a set that lasted almost two and a half hours until the lights came on. When venue staff said Madeon and the guests had to clear out, he insisted on moving to Philly’s Lit Ultrabar to play for two more hours, until 4am. “He was just having such a good time playing new sounds,” said event organizer and opening DJ Djorky. “At one point, he just picked up the Launchpad and started playing it like a guitar.”

It’s true; I was at the booth to snag a video. The show was superhuman, with endless energy for what we’re told is a new rework for Madeon, but one that is here to stay. The sound is harder and less playful, but stronger, fuller, and exciting. Get a taste here or by listening to his new track Imperium.

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Upenn has already been shown a top school for electronic musics, and students there want to amp up the scene. “We just wanted to put on a great party that would showcase amazing music,” said Djorky. “And now that we’ve done it, everyone wants to do it again. It will only get bigger from here.”

On getting Madeon for a campus party, organizers said: “this is the first time that Halloween will be on a Friday in seven years, and booking agencies have done more booking for this Friday than for the last three New Years combined.” Working on the show since August, they re-routed Madeon to Philly to be the first unofficial stop on his upcoming Diamond Show tour.

“This isn’t something anyone would expect from an ivy-league,” Djorky admitted. “But it was amazing.”

A mind-blowing venue was a must, so the brothers rented out a giant brick armory downtown, dubbing it the “Halloween Mansion.” The space was perfect for ghoulish jamming, packed nearly 2,800 partiers in full costume, and boasted a half-million-dollar sound system.

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Openers Djorky and Kristin Rose amped up the dark warehouse space. For an underground party, this thing was huge, the energy was great, and the crowd went crazy for Madeon’s new sounds, plus mixes of hits like Charlie XCX’s Break the Rules and his own Pop Culture.

Though he had an insane year in 2013, the 20-year-old has big things ahead of him with a new album and highly anticipated upcoming tour. “It’s really cool that we will have him because we will be some of the first people to hear his new album. In a year or two, maybe people will brag, ‘Madeon played at Penn.'” said one student.

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Great party, go home? Not quite. These students don’t stop when the main gig is over, and it’s part of what made the night incredible. They’re known for a party string dubbed: Darty-Party-Late Night. They start early, shut the city down, then go back to their houses, basements (specially renovated for underground parties), and rooftops to keep music booming and energy vibing until sunrise. It’s the perfect way to cap off an incredible night. If you need any more proof that the whole night was magnificent, see me ~feeling~ pretty hard in the photo below.

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For those who doubted the Penn reputation, these guys threw down and stood up. After an underground mega-party with Madeon, they definitely won at Halloween.

Shout out to all who put in crazy work to made it happen: fraternity collaboration led by Oscar Mattsson, Sacha Dj, Parker Shields and Collin McKinney between Penn’s own Zete, SAE, St. Anthony Hall, Castle, Kappa Sig, and Beta. For the record, these guys are way better than bros–> All concert proceeds went to charity.

Peek at the full gallery of costumes, venue, DJs, partiers, and total ivy-league underground shenanigans.

Photographs courtesy of EE Web.

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