Luzcid and Jansten bring the Submarine tour to NYC!


Luzcid and Jansten bring the Submarine tour to NYC!

Luzcid and Jansten are no strangers to the bass community, both artists have collaborated with Bassnectar in the past and are on their submarine tour right now.

Luzcid’s music is a sonic odyssey. A series of auditory adventures in which the participants completely escape time and space. He meticulously eludes genres in order to welcome a variety of enthusiasts to gather and celebrate the rewards of community. His song with Bassnectar “Science Fiction” is a splendid illustration of Luzcid’s ability to collaborate and conceive a fierce beauty with one of EDM’s most revered artists.

Colorado native Jansten is a former glitch hop producer turned dubstep and he also has a hefty amount of material with Bassnectar as well. Even going as far as to make a side project with the dubstep heavyweight. Titled “LOCOJA” the project is the gloves-off, no rules, no hesitation, no limits, creative project of longtime collaborators Bassnectar & Jantsen. Listen to the duo’s first project below!



Catch Luzcid and Jansten at Slake this Friday (12/02/16) with residents Alex English and Jergo!


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