[Free DL] Lubelski – Keep Going EP (Desert Hearts Records)


[Free DL] Lubelski – Keep Going EP (Desert Hearts Records)

Lubelski slayed last year with his Fritz Carlton collaboration ‘Doses’ that had dropped as his debut on Desert Hearts Records. Now he’s back with his solo release, the two-track EP Keep Going that is sure to make you vibe and shake as expected from the DH crew’s selections.

‘Keep Going’ feels like riding the crazy train into bounce town. It is dosed with a ton of quirky textures and samples with tons of subtlety between each beat. The layering of audience and house vocal cuts drives a a unique energy that is cut with tribal drums and dirty analog synth leads.

The good vibes keep flowing with ‘This Musik’, the b-side that has an infectious jungle-funk feel.

The entire EP is a powerhouse of playful energy that is delivered with a fine tuned sense of style within the world of minimal house. With every listen we are loving these tracks more and more.

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