Louis Vivet’s melodic rendition to Phoebe Ryan’s “Dead”


Louis Vivet’s melodic rendition to Phoebe Ryan’s “Dead”

Phoebe Ryan is becoming one of my favorite vocalists. Her voice truly soothes the mind, and this Louis Vivet Remix does total justice to her sound. My spine tingles as her voice tangles with the jazzy guitar underneath the intro. This rework brings you to the empty place she is speaking of lyrically, while ironically making you feel something. The chorus opens up with bright synths while her gorgeous, catchy, melodies groove back and forth over the top. I have to say this duo created a track that puts the lyrics more emotionally in their place almost than the original track.



Louis Vivet has been on a streak of great tracks recently. My personal favorite being Save Tonight. Lots to come from this duo.
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