LITS Teases Preview Ahead of Coachella Performace


LITS Teases Preview Ahead of Coachella Performace

Lights In The Sky (LITS), aka Atla Gardet, has just teased us with a sneak peek into his latest release, which comes ahead of his performance with the Lucent Dossier Experience as they close out the Sahara Tent tonight at Coachella. His rendition of Addison Scott‘s “I Came Alive” is perfect for a festival of this nature and size. Housey, vibey and innovative, the rework is tastefully executed. Mr. Addison’ vocals are strong and distinct while carrying purpose and the tune is funky fresh. The track will be premiered next week right here on Daily Beat as LITS and Lucent Dossier undergo their second performance at Coachella. Those that are familiar with Lucent Dossier know that you are always in for a sensual plethora visually, musically and spiritually. Their top-notch performances are known across the globe and remain one of the most sought after talents in the live and festival circuits year after year. Coachella has always had a special place for Lucent Dossier and it is extremely heartwarming to see that they now will be closing out the infamous Sahara Tent. I’ve witnessed the Experience myself numerous times over the past few years at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle and if you are able to, I would highly recommend taking a stroll over to the Sahara and letting your mind and body wonder the universe for a while. Check out the preview below and we’ll see you on the Polo Field!




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