Lido and Canblaster Drop New Collaboration


Lido and Canblaster Drop New Collaboration

My first taste of Lido was this year at CRSSD Fest, and I was absolutely blown away by the sound being produced by this musical genius. It’s a unique experience getting to hear an artist for the first time live without ever hearing their music before, and I couldn’t have picked a better artist to do that with than Lido. Lido’s live sets are unlike any acts I’ve seen. He has a full mastery of a number of live instruments as well as full control over the tracks he mixes. Recently Lido teamed up with Canblaster for an EP entitled Superspeed that was released April 6th, and last week they released the title track off the EP on SoundCloud.

From the moment the track starts you are greeted by a melodic voice which is joined by ambient future sounds and clock ticking keeping the beat. The track quickly shakes off the down tempo of the ambience and turns it up for a groovy, yet filthy future ride. The rest of the track flows showcasing both of the artists’ styles in an almost symbiotic way as the ambience flows into future garage sounds, to a unique bass line, and then once more back to the future. You can listen to Superspeeder the song here and the EP can be found on itunes and spotify.

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