Kweku Saunderson – ‘Do Us’


Kweku Saunderson – ‘Do Us’

Talk about creativity by blending genres. Kweku Saunderson takes that concept to a whole new level with ‘Do Us’ which is out now on First One Up Records. ‘Do Us’ uses a touch of traditional vocoder and pitch to tell a genre bending story about self-actualization and embrace.

The verse of ‘Do Us’ initiates with a mellow organ and R&B-esque type beat with a tropical drum resembling that of ‘Take Care’ by Rihanna and Drake. Suddenly, the song transitions to faster paced deep house/ techno style with a bass melody resembling ‘Where Are You Now’ by Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber. A techno style beat serenades the listener in the chorus section. All throughout the song, a deep melancholic type feel is omnipresent which is constituted by the glum ballad vocals, organ, and bass.

This song is really a work of creative art especially in a day in age where creativity is often compromised. It’s clear that Kweku learned well under the tutelage of prolific Techno pioneer, Kevin Saunderson. If you haven’t heard this gem of a song already make sure to check it out.

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