Kiiara – Feels (AWAY remix)


Kiiara – Feels (AWAY remix)

It is truly impressive to hear an artist put their own style on someone else’s track without altering the original’s intention, and even more so when they can enhance and extend the initial goal. LA producer AWAY’s remix of Feels by singer, songwriter, and Illinois-native Kiiara, who’s own popularity has skyrocketed in the last year with the release of the hit single, Gold, illustrates this point immaculately.

Kiiara’s vocals brilliantly describe the confusion and mixed emotions of young, drug-fueled relationships. “I got way too many feels, way too much emotion. I don’t even know what’s real,” she pleads. Only slightly up-tempo in comparison to the original, AWAY’s remix uses constant percussion progression in its build to draw the internal battle out of the lyrics, and a reverb-heavy drop saturated with sharp, high-pitched timbres to reflect the mind in times of emotional crisis.

Through simplistic auditory overloading, AWAY takes Kiiara’s goal of exploring the fragile consciousness of someone in emotional purgatory, and amplifies it with appropriately timed and illustrative sound structures. It is hard to imagine a greater example of how “the feels,” might sound if they could be recorded.

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Written By: Aaron Nelson


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