KEV – Moments (Remixes)


KEV – Moments (Remixes)

Swedish pop-electronic group, KEV, are blending genres and putting out some seriously suave tracks. The quartet formed in 2015 and released their debut EP, Chapter X, the following year on Capitol Music Sweden/BMD W Friends. The EP highlights the dreamy, lyrical style of frontman Kevin Stefansson and the group’s penchant for spacey, atmospheric, and melodic production.

Chapter X’s biggest track, ‘Moments’, has amassed more than ½ million streams and has now been reimagined in a 5 track remix package. On the remix EP are SICK INDIVIDUALS who deliver the biggest and most party-ready track (as expected) that rests on a reggaeton-like beat and stays quite close to the original’s musical structure. Russian producers, Filatov & Karas, lay on the pop-deep house with groovy drums and piano stabs that take the track into pool-party territory. Although it is refreshing to hear ‘Moments’ repurposed into the more downtempo acoustic and FOA versions, the track that really stands out on the EP is Adam Trigger’s remix. Trigger’s use of an upbeat yet melancholy chord progression and the incorporation of the original’s super-catchy breakdown into the track’s final moments provides just the right combination of groove and emotion. Listen below:


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