Must Listen: Justin Timberlake – Pusher Love Girl (The Shadowboxers Cover)


Must Listen: Justin Timberlake – Pusher Love Girl (The Shadowboxers Cover)

Sometimes the writers here at Daily Beat know me too well. They always know, despite my love for electronic music and the amazing culture it has created here in North America, that I’ll always appreciate my roots of soul, swag and acoustic renditions. Not to mention my appreciation for what Justin Timberlake has done since the days I used to rock out to “Bye Bye Bye” in my mother’s station wagon, I always had a soft spot for groups that took popular tunes and made them their own. I know this doesn’t count, but there’s something about Katy Perry’s MTV Unplugged Version of “I Kissed A Girl” way back when that always gives me goosebumps. Well, this morning, I am reminded that there are groups out there absolutely killing it with phenomenal renditions of songs like these. Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl” is the tune that Atlanta, GA trio Shadowboxers took on, and my gosh did their collectives voices add that extra element of soulful yet catchy passion that shines through the JT hit. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of covers each year on YouTube, it is truly the dedication and passion of this group that brings them here today. Also, a shoutout from JT himself doesn’t hurt. Take a listen, relax, and enjoy!

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