Justin Jay Continues To Challenge His Indie Roots With ‘Time’


Justin Jay Continues To Challenge His Indie Roots With ‘Time’

Justin Jay is one of dance music’s great undiscovered prodigies as shown by his latest single ‘Time’. I think anyone can appreciate when a talented EDM producer expands his or her wings towards genres outside of the monotonous club floor rhythms. Between his contributions to Dirtybird, his own Fantastic Voyage label, and his live show Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage, Justin has been able to live out his dreams of a label fronting rockstar all while barely having finished college at USC Thorton School of Music. With his goals and intentions set in stone, Justin continues his journey to new horizons of music through his latest single ‘Time’.


This track begins with an Animal Collectiveish feel, a very natural sounding acoustic loop with a micro-house beat driving the sound. It all feels extremely spacious and dreamy but is soon cured to an infectious bassline and vocal hook. The entire piece is new territory for this funky-driven house artist and we are loving every second of the tune. If there is one thing that we’ve taken from ‘Time’ its that Justin has matured extremely quickly for an artist and he is not slowing down anytime soon.

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