Justin Bieber Surprise Performance With The Chainsmokers


Justin Bieber Surprise Performance With The Chainsmokers

This past friday night, November 27th was a night Chainsmokers fans will forever remember. The DJ duo that recently released their EP Bouquet that includes their hit song “Roses” was putting on a sold out show at Shrine Auditorium in LA. As they are nearing the end of their Friendzone tour they are constantly thinking of ways to maximize their fans experience. Joining The Chainsmokers at this LA performance was ROZES, the featured vocalist on the hit track. The Chainsmokers have also been raving about their new stage installment called “The Full Monte” which is a 3D screen set up that is surely something that you have never seen before. Along with The Full Monte and ROZES joining them this evening, they also had a surprise that was sure to wow their fans.


The one and only Justin Bieber crashed this Friendzone tour stop and sang tracks off of his new album “Purpose” such as “Where are U Now” and “Sorry” live with The Chiansmokers. Once Bieber took the stage the entire auditorium was ecstatic. Earlier in the week Justin Bieber cancelled major TV appearances with little to no explanation to his fans and audiences. So the surprise performance at Shrine LA was sure to bring up the spirits of his fans. Bieber is a mutual friend with Rory Kramer who was The Chiansmokers videographer and close friend. Kramer shot The Chiansmokers hit Music Video “Roses” as well as traveling around the world documenting every moment of The Chainsmokers recent tours. Rory also recently traveled with Bieber and shot his “Ill Show You” music video for his new album purpose. Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.05.03 AM

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