This Just Made Gift-Giving 1000x Better


This Just Made Gift-Giving 1000x Better

You never thought it would come: What better way to say “I love you” in the form of “you’re awesome” than not only chocolate… not only sound… not only 3D printing… but also an app that your bae downloads to scan the soundwave on the 3D printed chocolate and listen to your recorded message? Whoa.

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It’s almost the Holidays, people, and there’s nothing worse than gifts that say either “we’re both lame so here’s something romantic, I think” or “I couldn’t think of anything else.” This ultra-neat gift solves both problems, and it’s called Sound Bite.

Soundwave - Gift-Giving

No, I was not paid to say this stuff. Sound Bite is the coolest gift I’ve seen, well, ever. Chocolate, tech, and audio–It’s some of our favorite things all put into one gift. Check it out, and feel free to send one in the Jessica Ray direction. (Oh yeah and maybe your boy/girlfriend).

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