[GIVEAWAY] Jukely Sound Projects Presents Feed Me, KJ Sawka vs ill.Gates


[GIVEAWAY] Jukely Sound Projects Presents Feed Me, KJ Sawka vs ill.Gates

Jukely Sound Projects is a music event series, handcrafted with love from the team who brought you the Jukely concert subscription platform and next Friday, May 6th they’re bringing you one STACKED line up.

Feed Me is back with a DJ set, KJ Sawka and bestie ill.Gates are battling it out with a b2b, and Torro Torro and Grabbitz are along for one gnarly ride.


Guest list access will be available to Jukely members. Starting at just $25: SUBSCRIBE HERE

Tickets for non-jukely members are available here: BUY TICKETS

Enter to win by clicking the link above and get pumped with this Daily Beat exclusive playlist:


About Feed Me:

With his unique brand of hard-hitting, bass-heavy electronica, Jon Gooch created Feed Me in 2008. Not only selling out Spor shows & headlining festivals, today Gooch has been working on brand new Feed Me music. He now returns in 2016 to resurrect this colorful character with releases and a Spring DJ tour.

About KJ Sawka:

KJ Sawka plays some of the rawest drums around – and that’s before he adds electronics. A master of drum n bass, KJ is a member of the legendary group Pendulum, who closed out Ultra Music Festival last month with the return of their live performance. Hours before, he took the stage as part of DESTROID at the event.

About ill.Gates

ill.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. You can catch him slaying dance floors on five continents as well as on the interwebs over at illgates.com

About Torro Torro:

Torro Torro is the Toronto based duo of Mike “Digits” Gonek and Evan “Yo Ev” Norton. Their identifiable brand of party music draws from hip-hop, electronic dance music and tropical rhythms.

About Grabbitz

Multi-instrumentalist & producer Grabbitz caught Deadmau5’s attention last year with his rework of “Silent Picture.” His fusion of electronic & non-electronic elements has become the trademark of his genre-bending sound.

About Jukely:

Jukely is a concert subscription service that allows members access to upcoming music events in their city and any of the other 16 cities Jukely serves. The curated selection includes a wide range of artists from rock to electronic, with a strong focus on emerging artists.

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