Join the Fun of Desert Hearts with these Unique DJ Themes


Join the Fun of Desert Hearts with these Unique DJ Themes

We’re less than a week away from the love filled house marathon that we all know and love as Desert Hearts. While you gather your warm clothing, camping gear, and the best of vibes, be sure to bring some extra creative energy so that you can participate in the DJ themes for the weekend! This has become a tradition in the Desert Hearts community and it is going to be bigger and better than ever with all of your help. Take a look at this list and get the creative juices flowing:

Mikey Lion: Deep in the Jungle (A throwback to the original “Jungle” themed parties the crew threw before forming Desert Hearts)

Porkchop: When Pigs Fly (Porky’s mascot is the Unipork, 50% unicorn, 50% pig, 100% sparkle. When Uniporks fly, anything is possible!)

Lee Reynolds: Over the Black Rainbow (Lee and his wife Zoe just opened up their second store, located in Los Angeles, this past year, called Black Rainbow. It’s the inspiration for Lee’s theme)

Marbs: Marbie Barbie Army (Retired Barbies are given a second chance at life as they charge the dance floor for Marbs set)

Many other DJs also will have themes as well (Drinks with DINK, Rybo Rave, Justin Martin Pizza Party) and of course, attendees are encouraged to create themes of their own as well to show their support for their favorite artists.

Desert Hearts encourages upcycling and reusing materials. Make items that will last and can be brought back year after year! Avoid MOOPY materials, as this is a Leave No Trace event. And please, no laserbeams.

“Silly inside jokes make up the culture of the Desert Hearts community,” says Desert Hearts crew member Mikey Lion. “Themes and props are a great way to express those and bring everyone together into this wild and magical wonderland. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”

See you and your props on the dance floor!

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