Jef Miles – Spirits (ft. Bodhi Jones)


Jef Miles – Spirits (ft. Bodhi Jones)

Jeffrey David Harris and Myles Power, the duo that comprises Vancouver’s rising electronic music act, Jef Miles, have been releasing loads of high energy music as of late. These two have a certain knack for putting together progressive house tunes that feel both fresh and energetic time and again. Ever since I caught wind of these guys on Tiesto’s ClubLife radio, they’ve been bumping through my party playlists non-stop.

For that reason, I was stoked to see a new tune from Jef Miles in my Soundcloud feed earlier this week. This progressive house piece is a top quality dance track sporting youthful vocals from Bodhi Jones and high energy sound design. A few of my other favorites from these guys include Hana Kuna and Yi Er San. If you’re looking to download their tunes check out the link here.

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