Jef Miles – “Bring Me To Life” ft. Rykka


Jef Miles – “Bring Me To Life” ft. Rykka

Jef Miles has been in my ear for about a month now. The Vancouver based dance duo jumped on my radar when I heard their unique progressive house, “Hana Kuna.” Since then their music has been cycling through all my get togethers with friends. The high energy bass and enormous synths used by these two capture that signature house sound many an EDM fan has fallen in love with.

Their most recent work, “Bring Me To Life,” sports uplifting vocals from Rykka. The emotion in her voice is palpable as the tune builds energy to a euphoric drop heavy laden with synths and percussion. If that sounds up your alley, definitely check these two out if you haven’t yet. And if you’re into the music, support the artists by downloading their tracks here.

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