[Interview] Sofi Tukker Discuss Origins, Inspiration, and New Album


[Interview] Sofi Tukker Discuss Origins, Inspiration, and New Album

Last fall we had the opportunity to chat with the inimitable eclectic pop duo, Sofi Tukker. They’re currently on tour, so make sure to see when they’re coming to a city near you.

How did you guys meet?

Sophie: We met at Brown. We both went to school there and we met our senior year. I was playing a bossa nova set at an art gallery and Tucker was DJing. He came early and ended up remixing one of my songs on the spot. It was really tight. 

Tucker: The song was amazing but it was so slow, so I was like alright. 

S: That’s what happened, and basically we’ve worked together every day since then. 

For people who haven’t seen your live show yet, or don’t know what to expect, what’s your typical performance like?

S: We like to give people in the crowd a hard time. 

T: We have a book tree. 


I did see the book tree! It was super cool. 

T: We have that, a made up instrument out of books that we made ourselves. So that’s something they’ll have never seen before, hopefully. We just love to jam and get it going. When we’re so far away from the crowd, we can’t necessarily be in them, but when it’s a smaller venue we’ll get in them. 

S: That’s what he said. 

What artists would you love to collaborate with?

S: Can we actually say? One of the people is Christine and the Queens, who’s here today. We love her. Courtney Barnett. 

T: Courtney Barnett’s awesome. 

S: Stromae, Karol Conka. 

T: I had a couple, then Sophie started talking and I lost them all. 

S: We go through phases. I think those are pretty present right now. We both listen to a lot of those artists.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

S: It’s really, really different for the both of us. Sometimes it’s hard to be in the car because Tucker will wanna play his shit, and I’ll wanna play my shit, and it’s not always the same stuff that we wanna hear. So he usually plays what he wants to hear because I don’t drive. I’m really into Cape Verdean music right now. I’m going through a lot of different phases and I never know what makes itself seen or heard in our music or not. 


Part of why I’m curious is because your music has a certain flair that I feel that I’m not hearing in a lot of music from American artists. 

S: It probably has to do with how much music I listen to that’s “global.” Both of us, really. 

T: I’m a super house music person, so house music, techno — 

S: He’s got this sort of Euro stuff covered. 

T: She has the Latin, South African stuff covered, so that’s sort of where it comes, I think. 

What is your favorite place that you’ve ever performed at?

T: I love everywhere, I really like playing everywhere. It’s so fun and it’s really fun to get to travel the world. I haven’t been to many places before, so it’s just so cool to show up in all these different countries and be like, “Woah, I’m in Latvia playing a festival. Whoever thought I would be there?” And it’s amazing!


What can fans expect from you guys in 2017?

T: An album. Full length. 

S: We’ve got most of it done, and we’re really excited to share the songs. I think we developed confidence in being weird, and expressing ourselves in ways that we’ve never expressed ourselves before, and I think we just ran with that. There’s some more anger happening and some more sass, and it goes pretty hard. 

T: It’s more fun. 

S: Some of it we’ve been performing live, but a lot of it we haven’t even been performing live and we’re super excited. 

T: And a bigger show. More of a theatrical, bigger show. 

Maybe two book trees?

T: Yeah! Running around hitting book trees. A lot of things we wanna do, a lot of things we already have in the works.

Sofi Tukker are playing at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC this Friday. Tickets are sold out, but we’d strongly encourage you to find last-minute tickets if you can, because this is a show that you’d regret missing. In the meantime, the band can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram.


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