Human Movement – Paradise (Ft. Eliza Sol)


Human Movement – Paradise (Ft. Eliza Sol)

If you haven’t heard of Human Movement, now’s the time to get educated. Hailing from Australia, this unique electronic act, consisting of 19-year-old Blake and 21-year-old Eddy, are beginning to stir up lots of attention from dance music enthusiasts and fellow producers in light of their diverse musical stylings. The talented pair have dipped their toes into UK bass, minimal techno, house and more. Their first big piece ‘Shake” gained lots of attention and eventually led to hosting an impressive guestmix on Skrillex‘s very own NESTHQ.

Aussieland’s up-and-coming duo Human Movement brings us yet another inspiring tune to dominate dancefloors around the globe. The new single ‘Paradise’ is going to be a part of their first full EP and will definitely pave the way for more opportunities down the line. ‘Paradise’ involves dark, minimalistic tech-house grooves and a distinctive chorus by the talented vocalist, Eliza Sol. This moody piece will have you dancing like there’s no tomorrow. WATCH OUT WORLD, these two are just getting started.

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