Huko – Blind ft. Cozy [Official Video]


Huko – Blind ft. Cozy [Official Video]

HUKO is a group that has been on my radar for a while now. From the time their house hit “Blind” first touched my ears nearly one year ago the track has been a staple on my electronic music playlists. It seems that I was not alone in my sentiment, as the group has recently seen massive success across Europe.

Continuing to ride this track’s energy, the group recently released a bizarre, fun music video to match the tune’s uplifting summer energy. The piece, directed by Greg Kozo, features captivating scenery, beautiful people, and a crazy twist that you definitely won’t expect. Also, those drone shots get me every time.

The fabric of HUKO is comprised of three French artists called Romain, Nicholas, and Hugo who expertly combine the classic French sound with high energy house music. In light of their recent success, it seems as though these three have a bright future ahead of them. Definitely check out their work ASAP and enjoy.

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