houston kendrick – Hey Now (ft. Zach Taylor)


houston kendrick – Hey Now (ft. Zach Taylor)

Nashville’s upcoming R&B artist, houston kendrick, recently caught my ear with his groovy new tune “Hey Now” featuring Zach Taylor. Surprisingly, this dude is only 20 years old and has been putting out music for less than a year. However, in the few months that he has been around his style has progressed immensely from slow, momentous R&B ballads to high energy hip-hop.

“Hey Now” showcases a sound that falls somewhere between Frank Ocean and John Legend, with hints of 90s R&B sprinkled in. Interesting percussion, bouncing synths, and addictive vocals make for a track I’m going to keep coming back to. Overall the track’s a fun, uplifting piece that promises to put you in a happy place. Bump “Hey Now” here and enjoy.

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