Guttah by Saint Punk Hits Hard


Guttah by Saint Punk Hits Hard

Saint Punk has a fierce approach to house music. His fast-place, heavy house sound has taken many twists and turns since his debut, given the soundscape the solo act has introduced to the world several months back. “Guttah,” his instrumental single that packs a punch, hollows out a house sound and packs it with gritty, dark melodies that speak for themselves. As smooth as this single journey begins, it ends, leaving you with a full impression of what Saint Punk is about and why artists like Tchami are giving him attention.

Saint Punk has scored the support of dozens of YouTube channels, tens of thousands of plays, and even a slot at the coveted Miami Music Week event Confessions has annually. No matter what angle you look at this act, his career is headed for the high road.