GRiZ ~ Nothing like a little unprotected sax


GRiZ ~ Nothing like a little unprotected sax

Weekend not here fast enough? Cold weather and short daylight hours got you down? Fret not. I have something to help, and you won’t have to wait til the weekend for it. What do y’all know about GRiZ? Well, for starters, the man is on his Good Will Continue Tour and chances are, he’s coming to a place near you. This Thursday, November 2nd, he’s making a stop at the Fillmore in Philadelphia (buy your tickets here) and yours truly will be in attendance.

What I love about GRiZ is the positive nature of his music. Every time I turn on his music, I can just hit shuffle and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face. A good starting point for any GRiZ newcomers, would be his newest mixtape ‘Chasing the Golden Hour Pt 2. This mixtape is FULL of chilled out, vibey tunes that can fit a wide range of situations. In the car? At work? Studying? Chillin’ with the homies? All of the above and more can be enhanced with a little splash of GRiZ. And oh, did I mention you can download that mixtape and other tunes for free on his soundcloud?

So let’s see here, we have good vibes, no waiting for the weekend, and free, new music? C’mon now, this is a win-win situation. Do yourself a favor, download the tunes, and grab a ticket to see him live. Nothing like a little unprotected sax in your life 😉 For those of you in Philly, I’ll see you at the Fillmore tomorrow night.

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