gravity – the cloud city


gravity – the cloud city

A few days ago, quickly rising LA-based artist gravity released a breath-taking track entitled ‘the cloud city.’ This track feature’s gravity’s voice, which is both foreboding and dynamic at the same time. The music itself is ominous, compelling, and will drive you into a very emotionally fragile state. You have been warned.

The track starts off with background vocals and with a soothing wave of sounds. Gravity’s voice then promptly comes in, while the darkness of the song is exposed. This dismalness is not only revealed through the lyrics, but also through the melody and subtle yet potent background spurts of noise. Gravity molds seemingly unrelated and unique sounds together, such as 808s and a sample from the movie adaptation of Brave New World.

As gravity said, “to feel our highest highs we must suffer our lowest lows.” This song will get you through your highs and your lows. Be sure to check gravity out and keep up with his new releases; I know I will.

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